Project Mu 02-06 Acura RSX Type S / 00-09 S2000 / 06-09 Civic Si CLUB RACER Front Brake Pads - PCR09F336

Project Mu Club Racer Brake Pads are the new pad from Project-Mu for club racing and rally enthusiasts with seriously fast cars. It is a brake pad that offers the very best in performance, feel and release, whilst staying below the $400 mark! This pad really punches above it's weight and will push aside many other over-priced race pads in many race and rally applications. Club Racer Brake Pads are based on the DNA of Project-Mu's ultra successful H16-03 motorsport pad which is one of the world's best race pads today. Club Racer is the pad to use of your car spends a majority of it's time on the track or in a rally at anything up to full professional motorsport. Available in all shapes and thickness, for Japanese, European, Australian road calipers right through to GT3's and Gallardo's!

A full range of motorsport shapes are also available for AP, Alcon, Brembo, Wilwood, etc * Compound - Hyper Carbon RC * Rotor Temp - 300~800℃ * Friction - 0.42~0.55μ * Application - Track Day, Rally, Performance Driving, AutoX, Time Attack, Sprint Racing